When they love (bomb) you, they truly do love (smother) you. So much so that you might mistaken it for a new person. If you didn’t know or still do not know, the invisible masking tape that was slowly wrapped around your eyes along with those invisible ear plugs that kept you from hearing the truth about how foolish and stupid you are looking to the world around you because of your undying devotion and unconditional love that you profess to the very person that so wittfully eye fucks, in an unharmful and “just having fun” kind of way to EVERY woman that walks by and does so rightfully in front of you, making sure that you see every sick and hurtful gesture that happens….and in doing so can come back and tell you that they will never hide anything from you. The sickening feeling behind this is that they vehemently and viciously defend themselves with the notion that you are to blame for their demise or any wrong doing that you should ever dare point out. No matter how little or how gigantic the issue is at hand, you will have a better chance of winning the country’s mega-state lottery jackpot than hearing them wimper out the words “I’m sorry”. But do expect the following:

1) Sudden over the top, over-bearing verbal degrading language directed back at you, just for daring to talk back

2) Unnecessary verbal threats to harm you if you wanted to say anything more

3) Answering your questions with questions that question why you would even question such idiotic things as if you should know all there is to know about something that they are asking you for help on

4) Be talked down to and bossed around when you are in the middle of finishing up something that they asked you to help them with

5) Made to feel like you’re a dumb ass because you didn’t hear or understand what they were asking or trying to say under their incomplete muttering sentences

6) Don’t ever begin to believe that they will treat and love you the way you do to them. Nor convince yourself that if you wanted to talk about something they did wrong, that they will return the decency by hearing you out atleast.

7) Don’t ever think you will get an answer just because you asked a direct question.

8) Be prepared to have all your data and info ready on top of having a thick faced defense before you dive into asking them about such predicaments that begin with “why did/how come/did you?/i heard/so and so say this or tell me this about you”….because they will bring out the “guilty before proven innocent” theory.

9) Understand that any questioning or conversations with them regarding them or their behaviors will never have a point of closure.

10) Don’t waste time waiting for any answers or resolutions that involve their inappropriate conduct, because 1) they won’t remember ever doing so 2) will reverse the situation and blame you for making them do what they did to you 3) they will deny that anything close to that nature ever happened 4) apologize that YOU feel that way because it wasn’t their intentions for you to, thus making it your fault for feeling that way

11) Their charming affection and Love, due to the fact that they haven’t secured another fool to take your place yet.

12) Non-chalant attitude and promises so vague that you can’t differentiate what is real and what is not. Therefore, you are not able to call them out on anything they ever said.

13) Rules and stipulations are just words that have no backing to them as they can change, or make up their minds anytime they need to make the situation better for them.

14) They don’t give a flying fuck about your tears, even if you’re balling in front of them, so long as it’s not about them, don’t expect to be asked “what’s wrong?”

15) Don’t assume that the more sex you have, give them, or give into them, that they will stop venturing into other pasteurs…because this will fuel their innate cause for more sexual escapades with or without you….but always better in front of you.

16) To be exposed slowly, one glimpse, one incident, one accident, one favor, one bad day, one good day, at a time to their other secret life that they so purposely try to involve you in. Hoping that you, yourself will voluntarily join and agree without them having anything to do with it.

17) Lets you decide what to do but all the options and suggestions are from them only.

18) Follow their instructions down to the “T” as if you were a toddler

19) When an important matter is at hand, they ask you so casually, almost in a jokingly manner that makes it sound like they were just brainstorming for fun out loud.

20) To be called out when they realized you didn’t do what they asked you to do, the whole time you were sitting next to them as if you had any time to do whatever the hell they insinuated telling you so.

All these head pounding situations will tear at every thread of your soul if you don’t gear up your heart and mind because it’s just the beginning of the war when you finally start to understand towards the end, what the FUCK just happened! One last note as we always save the best for last — — — You are ASSUMED to know how to do everything and are expected to automatically do them without being asked, after being given snippets of broken information on what it is they want done…but in actuality, they themselves don’t know what they are trying to do.



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